Friday, February 9, 2007


Trips... during my first 25 years of life, I only travelled twice outside Uruguay: to Córdoba (Río Cuarto) a week in february 2002, and crossing the Chuy borderline in january. Of course that both little trips were by bus.

Suddenly, I had the possibility to travel to Mexico, that later was changed by a trip to Ecuador... and just before leaving for Ecuador, I got the chance to travel to Italy for studying (and visit Canary Islands for pleasure in the same trip). When I was in Ecuador, my trip overseas was confirmed :-D

October 2006: Montevideo (MVD), Santiago de Chile (SGO), Guayaquil (GYE), Santiago de Chile (SGO), Montevideo(MVD)

December 2006 - January 2007: Montevideo (MVD), Buenos Aires (BUE), Roma (FCO), Bologna(BLQ), Milano (MXP), Madrid (MAD), Fuerteventura (FUE), Madrid (MAD), Roma (FCO), Buenos Aires-Ezeiza (BUE), Buenos Aires-Aeroparque (AEP), Carrasco (MVD).

In a three months period I had 14 fligths: over the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and even Africa. I crossed over the Andes and the Apenines.

Mainly, I had been over the clouds and it was incredible. I took a lot of pictures (less that I wanted).

At the end, I enjoy the trip twice, once when I visited wonderful places, and the second and more important, when I share my experience with my family. Coming back to my city, my country and met with my familiy was really great. At my return I loved to take pictures of the clouds, but from below... from my home.

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