Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Coming Back to Uruguay!!!!

Afer two weeks it was really exciting to see my country from the plane... and when I saw my city and all that familiar places, I almost start to cry... with a really wide smile. It's not only my coutry, my city, my house... it's my home, and again, not only because of my home, but because of my familiy (that were waiting for me at the airport!!)

I want to share these views of my home: it´s almost flat surface, it's rivers... our big bay,the port, the "rambla" (big avenue that runs along the sea), our parks in the city, the football stadium (soccer really)... it´s a long list that I only can summarize in "my home".

Monday, August 6, 2007

Facts in South Dakota

I've been here, Sioux Falls,SD for a week... and after some activities here is what I've learned and done ("learn by doing" as someone said):
- we start our day at 6AM.
- we finish our activities at 7 PM.
- the last bus to the Mall is 6:50 PM.
- when you call a taxi, it's takes it 10 to 15 minutes to arrive.
- the food is too spicy here.
- it's difficult to get some rice for lunch.
- everything is closed by 9 PM... 10PM at most...

- wakeup at 6AM, got breakfast, run to the bus, get a sit and start taking pictures
- first stop: Missouri River (Lewis & Clark monument)
- second stop: BadLands... sveral spots.
- third stop: Rapid City - Mines School
- fourth stop: Mount Rushmore

- wake up at 5AM!!!
- have breakfast: twice!!
- big single stop: Sylvan Lake - Custer Park: buffalo!!!
- lunch at 2PM: Wall Mart
- 5 hours by the I-90!!!
- 900 pictures in 2 days!!!

All the trip: Bikers all around - Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (Sturgis Week 2007)

And the big lesson:
- keep your clock in your actual timezone!!!! It's really awful when after a later-talk-little-sleeping nigth you wakeup, dress, got all your things, rush downstairs to meet your group and a friend says in the lift door: "let´s go back, we wake up an hour earlier".