Monday, August 6, 2007

Facts in South Dakota

I've been here, Sioux Falls,SD for a week... and after some activities here is what I've learned and done ("learn by doing" as someone said):
- we start our day at 6AM.
- we finish our activities at 7 PM.
- the last bus to the Mall is 6:50 PM.
- when you call a taxi, it's takes it 10 to 15 minutes to arrive.
- the food is too spicy here.
- it's difficult to get some rice for lunch.
- everything is closed by 9 PM... 10PM at most...

- wakeup at 6AM, got breakfast, run to the bus, get a sit and start taking pictures
- first stop: Missouri River (Lewis & Clark monument)
- second stop: BadLands... sveral spots.
- third stop: Rapid City - Mines School
- fourth stop: Mount Rushmore

- wake up at 5AM!!!
- have breakfast: twice!!
- big single stop: Sylvan Lake - Custer Park: buffalo!!!
- lunch at 2PM: Wall Mart
- 5 hours by the I-90!!!
- 900 pictures in 2 days!!!

All the trip: Bikers all around - Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (Sturgis Week 2007)

And the big lesson:
- keep your clock in your actual timezone!!!! It's really awful when after a later-talk-little-sleeping nigth you wakeup, dress, got all your things, rush downstairs to meet your group and a friend says in the lift door: "let´s go back, we wake up an hour earlier".

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