Friday, January 18, 2008

Summer Holidays in Uruguay, in "Termas"!!!

Due to an aunt, that have never been in the "Termas" we planned an only women holidays.
The "Termas" area a wide area of west Uruguay where are Hot Springs and a great touristic infraestrucuture.
We went to the Daymán Hot Springs, but visited Salto Grande Hot Springs and Guaviyú Hot Springs at our return.
Although everybody though we were crazy going to hot waters in the hot season, we had a very good time there. During the day in that Region temperature could be 40ºC (104ºF), and the waters are at 40ºC too, but some pools are at 37ºC or lower.

In the Daymán area there is one municipal hot spring that you can see in the next pictures: the pools, the park, the barbacues, the open showers that are used for massage... its really a pleasure place, where in the afternoon you can enjoy an hydrogym lesson too :D

After a great day there, the next day we were to the aquatic park that is in Daymán: Acuamania. This is a familiar place with a lot of things for kids, teens and adults. It has a restaurant, a drugstore and a lot of pools, slides, bedshowers, even basketball rings in the pools.

We had a great time and I really recommend this place.


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